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Pick-Up & Drop-Off

New Policy: Parents will be required to come into the office and check in tardy students or check out students early using the IdentaKid computer system. Driver's licenses are required to be scanned by the system to pick up students, and your photo will be taken (no mask).

Arrival Information

School starts at 7:30am. Please make sure students are at school by this time. Thank  you.

Departure Information

Children will not be allowed to leave before the regular dismissal time unless a parent or guardian checks out the student in the office. No child can be allowed to walk home during school hours. Children can be checked out for appointments through the front office. Students can only be released to names of contacts on their student cards.

Important: Please do not request that the office have your student ready for you to pick up; we are unable to call a student to the office until the parent/guardian has arrived and signed the student out through the IndentaKid system.


School ends at 2:30pm daily on the regular schedule. We encourage parents and guardians to pick up students on time. School officials will wait outside with students until 2:45pm and then students will be brought into the office. In these cases, a person authorized to pick up your child must present a Driver's License and sign out the student using the IdentaKid system.