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As a school counselor, my mission is to:

  • provide a comprehensive program that fosters the academic, career development, and social & emotional needs of all students.
  • implement interventions to help students with their skills, knowledge, and attitude toward improving personal gains in behavior, academic achievement, and attendance.
  • focus on the systems in which children live & learn and sustain collaborative partnerships with our school staff, parents, guardians, and surrounding communities.
  • follow the American School Counseling Association's mindsets and behaviors that aid in student success for lifelong learning.

Contact Information

  • Debbie Womack
    School Counselor

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24-Hour Help Lines

  • Crisis Line
    Phone: (855) 662-7474
  • Peer-to-Peer Warmline
    Phone: (855) 466-7100

Knowing the Difference Between Being Mean, Conflict, and Bullying

Acting Mean

This can be how a person feels on a particular day, not an everyday thing. These feelings usually are not targeted at specific individuals, but feelings can be hurt in the process.


This happens when individuals have a disagreement with others. this can be over something they have done or said, and both sides play an equal role.

  • Can be remorseful
  • Happens occasionally
  • Equal emotional reaction
  • Not seeking power or attention
  • Effort made to solve the problem


This is unfair and one-sided. It happens when someone keeps hurting, frightening, threatening, or leaving someone out on purpose.

  • Repeated hurtful actions
  • Seeking power and control
  • Trying to gain material items
  • No remorse - blames others
  • No effort to solve the problem
  • Imbalance of power - not friends

What you Say in Here, Stays in Here

What you say in here, stays in here, unless:

  1. Someone is hurting you
  2. You want to hurt someone
  3. You want to hurt yourself
  4. You give permission to share with another trusting adult
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