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Counselor's Corner

Debbie Wommack

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Crisis Line

(855) 662-7474


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Peer-to-Peer Warmline

(855) 466-7100












Welcome to the McCollum Elementary School Counseling page! Here you will find a variety of resources as well as some tips to help you get through this unusual time. This site is going to be fluid and will continue to be updated so keep checking back!

My mission:

The counseling program at McCollum Elementary encompasses a comprehensive approach that fosters developmentally appropriate initiatives for all students  in the academic, career and personal/social domains. My focus centers on the whole child and the systems in which he/she lives and learns and entails collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders including our school staff, parents, guardians and surrounding communities. Key measures entail advocating for equity, access and success of every student in efforts to promote lifelong learning and to instill the attitude, skills and knowledge each requires for his/her personal journey in becoming independent citizens who'll someday strive to make the world a better place for all.

Check out these fun exercises to do at home: