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Contact Alicia Juarez  Alicia Juarez Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Monica Rowan  Monica Rowan Kindergarten Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Renee Mondragon  Renee Mondragon 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Angelica Vasquez  Angelica Vasquez 1st Grade Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Melissa Martinez  Melissa Martinez 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Lisa Morse  Lisa Morse 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Rachel Batcheller  Rachel Batcheller 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Jennifer Reiff  Jennifer Reiff 3rd Grade Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Pamela England  Pamela England 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Emily Kealy  Emily Kealy 4th Grade Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Amy Kanagy  Amy Kanagy 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Yvonne Montoya  Yvonne Montoya 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Melanie Harper  Melanie Harper Art Teacher
Physical Education (PE)
Special Education
Contact Tracy Carlsen  Tracy Carlsen Resource Teacher
Contact Edith Castaneda  Edith Castaneda Special Education Teacher
Contact Debbie Chavez  Debbie Chavez Special Education Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Choc  Elizabeth Choc Special Education Teacher
Contact Inga Hays  Inga Hays Head Special Education Teacher
Contact Cindy Lafon  Cindy Lafon Special Education Teacher
Contact Florence Lopez  Florence Lopez PreK Teacher
Contact Carmen Martinez-Mares  Carmen Martinez-Mares Gifted Teacher
Contact Macy Murry  Macy Murry Special Education Teacher
Contact Sophia Rhodes  Sophia Rhodes Special Education Teacher
Contact Riza Rosello  Riza Rosello Special Education Teacher
Contact Brianna Sanchez  Brianna Sanchez Pre-K Teacher
Contact Victoria Sanchez  Victoria Sanchez Title I Teacher
Contact Lindsay Sears  Lindsay Sears Speech/Language Pathologist
Contact Sarah Spesock  Sarah Spesock Pre-K Teacher
Contact Sigrid Spesock  Sigrid Spesock Teacher
Contact Kenneth Theil  Kenneth Theil Special Education Teacher
Contact Lisa Tolth  Lisa Tolth Special Education Teacher
Dean of Students
Contact Regina Ligon  Regina Ligon Dean of Students
Educational Assistants
Contact Stephanie Brown  Stephanie Brown Educational Assistant
Contact Duangjai Chaiyajuck  Duangjai Chaiyajuck Educational Assistant
Contact Deanna Duran  Deanna Duran Educational Assistant
Contact Romalynn Ervin  Romalynn Ervin Educational Assistant
Contact George Esquibel  George Esquibel Educational Assistant
Contact Michelle Figueroa  Michelle Figueroa Educational Assistant
Contact Mark Garcia  Mark Garcia Educational Assistant
Contact Rosemary Garcia  Rosemary Garcia Educational Assistant
Contact Nalisha Harvey  Nalisha Harvey Educational Assistant
Contact Valarie Heard  Valarie Heard Educational Assistant
Contact Thu Hoang  Thu Hoang Educational Assistant
Contact Clarissa Kerin  Clarissa Kerin Educational Assistant
Contact Darius King  Darius King Educational Assistant
Contact Jeremy Knight  Jeremy Knight Educational Assistant
Contact Bernadette Koehn  Bernadette Koehn Educational Assistant
Contact Kasi Mcdaniel  Kasi Mcdaniel Educational Assistant
Contact Lillian Miner  Lillian Miner Educational Assistant
Contact Kelliann Parra  Kelliann Parra Educational Assistant
Contact Alexandria Perez  Alexandria Perez Educational Assistant
Contact Sylvia Plank  Sylvia Plank Educational Assistant
Contact Kathleen Ramsey  Kathleen Ramsey Educational Assistant
Contact Joan Randa  Joan Randa Educational Assistant
Contact Mariaelena Rodriguez  Mariaelena Rodriguez Educational Assistant
Contact Conchita Sandoval  Conchita Sandoval Educational Assistant
Contact Matthew Scates  Matthew Scates Redirector
Contact Cindy Snow  Cindy Snow Educational Assistant
Contact Angelica Tafoya  Angelica Tafoya Educational Assistant
Contact Pamela Tompkins  Pamela Tompkins Educational Assistant
Contact Vanessa Ward  Vanessa Ward Educational Assistant
Contact Gerald Westcott  Gerald Westcott Educational Assistant
Contact Tracy Whiting  Tracy Whiting Educational Assistant
Contact Yuyu Yang  Yuyu Yang Educational Assistant
Contact Gabrielle Miller  Gabrielle Miller Principal
Contact Angel Roman  Angel Roman Assistant Principal
Administration / Office Staff
Contact Candace Bur  Candace Bur Secretary/Sys Admin
Contact Maria Bencomo  Maria Bencomo Health Assistant
Contact Angelica Brown  Angelica Brown Nurse
Social Worker
Contact Cheryl Mclellan  Cheryl Mclellan Social Worker
Therapists/ Pathologists
Contact Ellen Andres  Ellen Andres Speech/Language Pathologist
Contact Shaneise Aragon  Shaneise Aragon Speech/Language Pathologist
Contact Darrell Creel  Darrell Creel Adaptive PE Teacher
Contact Scott Early  Scott Early Occupational Therapy
Contact Scott Hubbard  Scott Hubbard Physical Therapy
Contact Becky Leftwich  Becky Leftwich Physical Therapy
Contact Richard Lopez  Richard Lopez Adaptive PE Teacher
Contact Julie McAfee  Julie McAfee Speech/Language Pathologist
Contact Bonnie Nuttall  Bonnie Nuttall Occupational/Physical Therapy
Contact Lindsay Sears  Lindsay Sears Speech/Language Pathologist
Title I
Contact Victoria Sanchez  Victoria Sanchez Title I Teacher
Contact Dolores (Suki) Dominguez  Dolores (Suki) Dominguez Cafeteria
Contact Hortensia Dominguez  Hortensia Dominguez Cafeteria
Contact Maria E. Jaquez  Maria E. Jaquez Cafeteria Manager
Contact Sylvia Reyes  Sylvia Reyes Cafeteria
Contact Arthur Martinez  Arthur Martinez Head Custodian